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Agriculture Mutual Fund (AMF)

  • Investors can invest on monthly/yearly plan for an locking period of minimum 3 years to maximum of 5 years with guaranteed returns.
  • Invested amount will be invested in cultivating crops, vegetables, fruits and trees. Also in AMF infrastructure DACC and NMPC.
  • Gives job opportunity for the native youngsters and help them to contribute back to their society.
  • Helps farmer in using their farm land effectively and yield high returns based on the proven agriculture model to pay back the investors.

AMF District Agriculture Control Centre (DACC)

  • DACC make sure farmers enrol to this plan and part of the program as an partner in delivering the produce based on the soil and irrigation type and capability respectively.
  • Educates the local youngsters (eligibility: +2/BSc) about agriculture Science, Automation, Marketing, Management, etc. for an nominal fee.
  • Manage and Monitor the labor, climate, soil moisture, crop growth, manure supply, water supply, crop health, etc. to provide successful farming.
  • DACC will be implemented in each district to help for the betterment of farmers and agriculture itself.

AMF Natural Manure Production Centre (NMPC)

  • NMPC takes care of delivering the natural manure and fertiliser for the fields associated with DACC.
  • The investment are invested in manufacturing units and create job opportunities.
  • NMPC generate its revenue by selling its products to other local farmers (who are not part of AMF) and also exporting it to other countries.
  • NMPC will be implemented for every 10 villages in a district.

Launching Soon!!

  • Unique investment concept developed by RRB Meipala Thottam Team for the welfare of both the Farmers and Investors.
  • Investors enjoys the benefit of the returns with tax exemption for the amount they invest in AMF.
  • Farmers utilise the investment from the investors for agriculture along with the AMF protocol to avoid bank loans and mounting interest.
  • Provides an life saving opportunity for our farmers.

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