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Fourth Generation Farming

More than 100 years of farming experience!!!

  In Painganadu village, Mannargudi Thaluk, Thiruvarur District (45km from Thanjavur), Tamilnadu, our family has been following the traditional farming methods successfully for more than 100 years. They also made sure that the knowledge and experience are passed on carefully to the next generation along with the intellectual management skills.We the fourth generation members of the family hierarchy, adopted these knowledge and decided to take the farming to a great new level, for the betterment of the farmer, labours and consumers.
  The abandoning of agriculture for a modernised life, increases the demand for food products all across the world. Agriculture along with right technology and skill can server this demand fully.

RRB Meipala Thotam

Farmer Happiness!! Consumer Satisfaction!!

  RRB Meipala Thoatam (Real Fruit Garden) measures 15 acres of farming land located 5km from Mannargudi. The farm has excellent Soil, Water supply, Bore well, underground 4” pipeline connecting the entire farm land for proper irrigation. The farm always believes Agriculture along with Technology can give tremendous outcome. It has recently upgraded its irrigation infrastructure with 160 water gun outlet to irrigate the entire farm efficiently.
  The concept of Virtual Vivasayam evolved considering the difficulties that farmers faces in selling their products and the huge price that the consumers are paying for the food products. So the farm is mainly focused in providing Rice, Blackgram, Ginggly Oil, Vegetables and Poultries (Country chicken & Turkey) directly to the consumers on the basis of pre-booking.
  With the help of technology, Virtual Vivasayam helps the customer to Order Online, Pay Online, View the crop thro IP camera Online (From the event of preparing the land bed for seeding to the packing of your food items), Track the status of the crop Online, Home delivered freshly.

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